My Vigil is Eternal

Written by Cronos
Artwork by Capt Razz

His hand firmly rested upon a sword that could have been anything he willed it to be. Swords were his favorite weapon, however. Not that he, as a long forgotten God, had any reason to slice or puncture an enemy. The “sword” was a focus of his power. He felt it appropriate to wield something worthy of said power as he watched the calamity on Verra come to an end.

“The denizens of Verra have been away for far too long. Spread out amongst the cosmos.”

He pulled the sword from its sheath and pointed it toward the bright yellow light before him. Mere moments passed and a beam of blue-green energy shot to the globe, changing its color to be in lockstep with the other globes in the room.

“Let the gates open. Let the way be shown. Let them discover once again the wonders of magic. It will be a time for discovery, fraught with danger and peril. Creation will rise from the ashes once more.”