Axiom in Archeage: Unchained

In October 2019 our group set off into the world of Archeage. For most of us this was our first experience with the game, despite it being a modified relaunch of an older version.
Over the past couple months our small guild has grown in strength and we’ve picked up many new faces along the way. We’ve come together to complete guild projects and enjoyed scheduled events and impromptu skirmishes.

Lindor, Angelcry, Frrrrrrrrr, Glednar, Dexta, Warden, and Rumlox

Our pvp havoc crew gathered to cull reds in Halcyona, slaughter opposition to the “candle quest”, and find creative ways to kill hostile players in towns.

Axiom merchant schooner

We contributed to the completion of our first guild project, a merchant schooner. Other endeavors followed where we moved mass trade packs to raise funds and upgrade ship components.

One of our Axiom Warships

Other ships soon followed making us a menace to any reds trying to fish or run cargo in comfort.

Lyria, Frrrrrrrrr, Glednar, Dexta, Solest, Zendaya, Angelcry and Lindor. (Koishi and Noctislucis not pictured) fishing and pirating.

Scheduled guild events include a variety of activities.

Angelcry, Rumlox – an icy disco journey to a new land at an incredibly slow pace.

As we continue forward into Archeage: Unchained, we look forward to many more adventures and accomplishments on the horizon.